Founded in 1998 by partners and long-time friends Allen Chan, Matt Davis and Anwar Mekhayech, the studio unites interior design, architectural concepting, strategic branding, and visual communication in a unique and innovative way.


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ANONY is a lighting and product design studio founded by Christian Lo and David Ryan in 2015. Lo and Ryan’s refined design aesthetic belies the complexity of factors they consider as part of their creative process.

 Their interest in utilizing the latest technology and manufacturing processes is combined with an honest and timeless approach to a product’s life cycle judicious use of materials, minimal manufacturing, and ease of use. Through this philosophy, ANONY hopes to create products that produce an emotional response similar to the appreciation felt for the utilitarian yet well-designed objects of decades past.



Blom & Blom is about two brothers. Two brothers who share a passion for forgotten items from forgotten places. Items with a rich and epic history, each with its own story. Unique items, once part of a thriving industry, long abandoned and left to perish. Items that deserve a new life.


Pieter Ceizer is a typograhical artist and designer living and working in Paris, France.
All Ceizer’s work is typographical or type based, his work mostly consists of clean retro style scriptdesigns and handlettering aswell as colorful abstract compositions with type based shapes.




TOKEN is a New-York based furniture design studio established in 2007. The company is dedicated to an atelier style of development and production that provides commercial clients and collectors alike with well-crafted pieces that are richly artistic and warmly functional. All Token furniture is designed and manufactured in our Red Hook, Brooklyn studio with special attention to form and precision.




Tokyo Smoke is for the sophisticated smoker, those who embrace beautiful design along with alternative states of mind. They believe a smoke session should be approached with the same thoughtful consideration as preparing a perfect cup of coffee. It’s for active days and chill nights—or chill days and active nights. It’s a culture that believes in the experience: a well-curated smoke session, one of intention or imagination, is always worth the trip.